Villages of Ardeche (south)  & touristic sites around the campsite

Campsite near  “Les Vans” village

  • 800 meters from the center of the village Les Vans with all shops/services and craftsmen to stroll, do your shopping made in “Pays des Vans” with its traditional market with night service in season (July / August)
    Enjoy southern Ardèche and discover the most beautiful  touristic sights.

Camping near Chassezac river & throats

  • 300 meters from the river Chassezac where you can enjoy a pure moment of relaxation in canoe with its throats and bathing points such as the “Pont du Nassier” (3km)

Le bois de Païolive

  • 5 minutes from this curiosity offered by nature: “The Païolive Wood”, a forest of white oaks and petrified rocks, with its various hiking trails
campings proche grotte chauvet

Campsite near Vallon Pont d’Arc

 Cave ” Caverne du Pont d’Arc”

  • 30 km from Vallon Pont D’Arc: canoeing in the throats of Ardèche and visit the Cave -reproduction of the Cave Chauvet- (from the spring  2015 and inscribed on the World Heritage of UNESCO since 06/22/2014 )

Cascades de la Sompe

  • About thirty kilometers from your campsite, Lagorce, a small village in the Ardèche gorges, in the Lower Vivarais,  You xill find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France: the “Gour de la Sompe”.

La Grotte de la Cocalière

  • Visit the Cave of Cocalière nicknamed “The Diamond Cave” located in Ardèche at the foot of the Cévennes Regional Park. The cave is only a branch of a vast underground complex covering about thirty kilometers. An outing in Ardèche to do with family, originality: the return in small train!
  • La Garde Guerin

    Ideally located on the Regordane Hiking Road and the Chassezac Gorges, the Guérin Guard is an old fortified village 32 km from the campsite Castanhada

Built at an altitude of 900 m on a shelf frequently swept by the winds, the village is visible from afar thanks to the silhouette of its high dungeon of the old castle.

  • Camping proche LES ASSIONS en Ardèche

    In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d’Ardèche, the village Les Assions, bordered by the river Chassezac is an amazing village to visit.

 Villages of Ardèche south France


Old province of  Vivarais country,  Ardeche offers many wonderfull  landscapes.

The district is covered in half of its territory by forests where it is pleasent to take a hike with a temperate climate in the north while the south offers mild temperatures characteristic of the Mediterranean where the olive trees are exposed.

During your stay in Ardeche, you can visit many touristics sites all located in the south.

The gorges of the Ardèche open you to the amazing landscapes of its natural reserve  mix of “garrigue” and vertiginous rocks.

gorges chassezac ardeche sud

The famous medieval villages like “Joyeuse”, its museum of the chestnut grove and the gorges of Labeaume; Saint-Alban-Auriolles and his dolmen, Balazuc, Saint-Montan …

The natural curiosities  such as the famous Chauvet cave in the valley of the “Pont d’Arc”, the Aven d’Orgnac and all the megalithic sites (over 750) along the paths.

Cultural tourism is not left out with the Romanesque churches of Larnas and Bourg-Saint-Andéol Visit Viviers and its cathedral or the castles of Largentière, Vogüé and Labastide de Virac. Try the  Aluna festival in Ruoms, a big pop-rock musical event that enjoy visitors with an hight quality programming, one of the most important in the South of France.


Famous villages and cities  in the  Vivarais  Cevennes country  and in the southern Vivarais country

The country of Les Vans, a territory that offers a multitude of small villages, lined with beautiful chestnut forests or attached to the cliffs, overlooking the Chassezac valley.

This country, by its geological curiosities, offers your a mosaic of landscapes alternating reliefs of the Cevennes mountains and Mediterranean landscapes.

It includes small hamlets  joined by paths. It is the country of hikers and sportsmen but also more gentle walks on the trails that connect the hamlets.

All these villages are less than one hour from your campsite proudly displaying their heritage.

From 5 to 15mn campsite

Les Vans

At altitude of 289m, this Ardèche village offers a distant panoramic view at the crossroads of the “Monts de l’Ardèche” (moutains) natural park and the “Cévennes” national park.

les vans camping

With magnificent buildings, its remarkable architecture, remains of the splendor of the village in the seventeenth century. Indeed, thanks to the cultivation of the mulberry tree for the business of the silkworm, Les Vans acquired a beautiful prosperity with its four mills. The beautiful homes of the historic center are a testimonial of this success.

In 1900, thanks to a worldwide subscription, two monumental statues were made by Alfred Boucher, in honor of Louis Ollier, father of orthopedics and surgical repair, native of the city. One of them still sits at “Place de Graves”. The other, who was in Lyon, was stlolen by the Germans during the war.

The 17th century church of Saint Pierre houses a magnificent baroque wooden altarpiece and a bell tower with four bells, the largest of which weighs more than a ton. The Protestant temple, flanked by its remarkable columns testifies to the very Protestant past of the city. Finally, three museums allow to better know the history of the Vans, the museum of France René Evesque (archeology, geology, local tradition), the museum Léopold Ollier and the house of the olive tree.

To visit also: the Basilica Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours (eighteenth, nineteenth), the castle of Saumès (sixteenth) and the beautiful door decorated with the coat of arms of the family of Chanaleille. Visit the  megalithic bridge.

Only 2 km from the Vans, in addition to its narrow streets lined with beautiful stone houses, the village Chambonas has an exceptional historical heritage.

chambonas ardeche

A magnificent castle flanked by five round towers capped with their glazed roofs that you can see through the entrance gate.

A church, which was built, thanks to the important resources of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Gilles. Chambonas is an important step on the way of pilgrimages towards the “Massif Central” mountain chain.

Finally the Bridge of Chambonas which is the largest medieval bridge in Ardeche, impressive with its five arches supported by massive pillars.

chambonas camping

The museum of the pig, in the hamlet Les Sielves 5 kms from Chambonas, is dedicated entirely to homage to this friendly animal : popular arts, cinema, various objects, mythology. There is also a small animal park where your children will enjoy the traditional animals of the farm.


Integrated in the town of Vans, this peaceful village is magnified by the splendid landscape of the Chassezac gorges. Above it, the Bois de Païolive (forest).

camping ardeche chassagneThe gray houses of the village, in the shadow of the Ermitage Saint Eugene, a beautiful castle, a lord in 1652, restored from the ruins of an old hermitage. Today, the hermitage has regained the splendor of yesteryear thanks to a recent restoration. The proximity of Païolive wood, is an opportunity to have beautiful walks in the garrigue of the “plateau des grads”.


In the north of the “Cévennes” national park, Gravières is a natural border between two types of landscapes: the Mediterranean and the mountains. This village is dominated by a rocky bar, 945 m high: the “Serre de Barre”.

camping ardeche gravieresWith its amazing landscapes, Gravières will amaze you with the beauty of the architecture of its houses, built solidly on sandstone rubble. Dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. They are witnesses of the prosperity of the village when the inhabitants produced the silkworm, which is very important to the textile sectors. At the heart of the village, admire the church of Saint Victor (12th century), decorated with many sculptures, down below, the bridge that spans the Chassezac which offers beautiful small beaches.


The village of Brahic is part of the town Les  Vans although it is the most extensive with 7 hamlets: The Anglies, Vénissac, Coste, Perrier, Murjas, Martrimas, La Parde. It is located on the southern flank of the Serre de Barre, culminating at 909m altitude, 6.5 km from Les Vans.

camping brahic ardeche

Enter the village by shale porches, usually narrow, to wander through the streets that climb to the top of the village offering a nice view of all the valleys.

In the heart, the church of the 12th century, flanked by its bell tower, faces an old manor house with a big square tower.

Villages of Ardeche, charming villages to visit just a few kilometers from your campsite.

The old villages around the town Les Vans:

The Assions, Chassagnes, Naves, Gravières, Brahic, Bannes, Berrias and Castelljau

Between 15 and 30 minutes from the campsite

Nice villages to visit :Malarce on Thinnes, Saint-Pierre-le Dechausselat-Saint Jean, Saint-André de Cruzière, Labeaume, Chassiers, Vinezac

Near your camping Castanhada:

Museums :

  • Museum of Lavender
  • Museum of Ardeche 1900
  • Museum of Les Vans – history
  • Néovinim : oenological discovery space

Typical villages :

  • Banne
  • Naves
  • Brahic
  • Thines
  • Et bien d’autres…

Caves :

  • La Cocalière
  • l’Aven d’Orgnac
  • La Salamandre

Other nice sites :

  • Liloo, les plantes Epiphytes
  • the MOULIN de Vincent (MILL) and its olive grove
  • The Bamboo plantation of Anduze
  • Etc…

But also sports and family activities …


Easy family activities:

  • Canoeing / kayaking on the Chassezac
  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Ride donkeys and horses
  • Tree climbing
  • Fishing

Sensations :

  • Canyoning
  • Climbing
  • Via ferrata
  • Caving
  • Paragliding
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